What would you do with $250,000?

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You could do many, many things with a quarter of a million dollars.  Although purchasing nail polish would not be the first thing to come to my mind. Hollywood based jewelry designer, Azature has launched a $250,000 bottle of nail polish with black diamonds. One bottle contains 267 carats worth of black diamonds. Call me (maybe) crazy, but I can think of places I would much rather wear 267 carats worth of diamonds (e.g. my hand?!). Maybe the $250,000 price tag is a little above budget over your $30 gel bi-weekly manis? Well not to worry, Azature has not forgotten about the 99%. You can purchase one bottle (without the 267 carats) for a mere $25 and this version even includes one black diamond per bottle. All is well in the world again.

Alcohol Infused Sandwiches?

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Forget about pairing your cocktail with your meal, one Manhattan panini shop is looking at combining the two. You can now order alcohol infused sandwiches from Salume. They’ve got one with Surryano ham and rye, and another with prosciutto, beets and scotch.  I’ll take a scotch soaked turkey on rye please…Yuck, no thanks. I can barely take my cereal soaking up the sogginess of bathing in milk for longer than 3 minutes. Just no. On another hand, drinking public would be more accessible, but we all know with these Boston laws this Salume would never find a home within our city limits. Read more from Complex Magazine here.

LED Wallpaper? Why not.

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Finally, after three years of development…it’s here. LED Wallpaper.  Not really sure where or why this would go anywhere, but just in case this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, it’s here. Doesn’t really seem to go with my feminine, floral slash fashion-esque decor via Fluorescent Palace so I think I’ll pass, but cool concept nonetheless. All you techies out there, go wallpaper it up.

Would you wear Instagram glasses?

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Listen, we all love instagram. If I don’t constantly post what’s on the table for lunch clearly I obviously haven’t eaten that day. If I’m traveling I feel the need to post from absolutely every single new venue I visit (sorry for the multiple posts…I can’t have just one!). From the style and fashion posts to the downright ridiculous, yet oh so good, NSFW photos by Kirill, instagram is the quasi-new social media addiction. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m an addict and can fully admit to it. But when I found out about these instagram glasses, inspired by Google’s geek-chic pair, even I said no thanks. Too far? Yes, indeed. Even I, proud instagram addict, like to live a life in full color, not tinted with X-Pro II to make myself look better than I really am. In iPhone photos? Yes, please. Real life? No thanks, even I need a break once in a while. I’ll let my phone lens do all the instagramming I need.

Check out the glasses for yourself right here and decide for yourself.